Massage Therapy at La Residencia Spa

Massage therapy does more than relax the body; it also helps to release toxins, soothe tired, aching or tight muscles, increase circulation, improve muscle tone and flexibility and boost the body's immune system, restoring your body to a harmonious and balanced state. Therapeutic massage is known as a health spa or medical spa treatment. All of our massages are health-oriented treatments and are meant to boost your physical and mental health. Our most popular massages are:

Swedish Massage – A Classic Wellness Massage

Enjoy the comforting touch of this classic wellness massage, specifically designed to increase circulation, release toxins and maximize relaxation of the muscle tissues. Long rhythmic strokes make this the ultimate relaxation remedy.  This spa massage is recommended for those who have never had a spa, or for those who are simply stressed out. 30 - 90 minutes

30 min $50; 60 min - $90; 90 min - $125

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage – A Therapeutic Medical Spa Massage

This therapeutic medical spa massage uses a firmer pressure to penetrate through tissue and work the muscles at a deeper level. Using a variety of firm direct strokes adjusted to your personal comfort level, your therapist will loosen and stretch muscles to help relieve the chronic tension, stress and fatigue caused by strenuous physical activity or overexertion. This health spa massage is especially beneficial for athletes or active men and women. 60 - 90 minutes

60 min $100; 90 min- $140

Hot Stone Therapy – A Soothing Health Spa Massage

The healing power of smooth warmed stones and nutrient rich essential oils are used in combination with a variety of soothing health spa massage techniques to help relieve muscle soreness and promote deep relaxation. This unique and natural method of healing massage centers the mind, body and spirit to create a more balanced and tranquil state of well being. This type of massage is recommended for people who need to truly relax. 60 - 90 minutes

60 min $125; 90 min - $160

Lomi Lomi Massage

Realign your body, mind and spirit with our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage. Mimicing the gentle waves of the ocean, this ancient art uses long rhythmic strokes, pressure point work and stretching to relax your entire being and release stress. 90 minutes


Foot Massage

Ideal for those who have tired, achy feet, our Foot Massage incorporates Reflexology. We apply pressure to certain points on the feet that correspond to organs in the body for overall relaxation. 30 minutes


Pregnancy Massage

This specialty massage improves circulation and general body tone, while relieving mental and physical fatigue. You and your baby will bond for sure, as you both receive the healing energy of our talented and nurturing massage therapists. 60 - 90 minutes

60 min $110; 90 min - $145

Please note that service duration times are approximate and vary depending upon the skin being treated.